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Hello Gentlemen,

Discover what you've been missing and treat yourself to one of our curated facials.

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Bonjour Messieurs
$135 50 Min

Perfect facial for first time guest and monthly routine treatments.


Sage River

$145 60 Min


Cleansing soothing and hydrating for event prep and special occasions 

Sunlight filters into a cave in Belize..

Into The Woods

$165 75 MIN


Into the Woods, deep cleansing transformational facial.

Bonjour, Messieurs!

Bonjour Messieurs is a facial tailored to targets your skin specific needs. After a consultation and skin analysis, a 60 min facial will be curated just for you.

Steps are as followed:

  • Cleansing followed by warm steamed towels to open your pores and prep for extractions.

  • Manual exfoliation with gommage or topical microdermabrasion product (depending on skin type).

  • Light extractions.

  • Skin specific mask will be determined, accompanied by a light hand and arm massage.


  • Serums, lotions and sun protecting product. 


This facial is relaxing and fantastic for keeping your skin in optimal condition. 

Sage River

Ideal for sensitive skin and those who want minimal to no down time for skin to look its best.

Effective in correcting skin conditions (such as inflammation and sensitive skin issues), rescuing dull tired skin.


Steps are as followed:

  • Calming products are used to soothe and calm the skin with gentle exfoliation. 

  • Gentle exfoliation with gommage to remove dead skin cells and help new cell turn over.


  • Light extractions (optional).

  • Facial massage with cooling crystals to encourage the removal of free radicals, and release tension build up.

  • Calming mask is applied while you drift away in to a bed of relaxation with a hand and arm massage.


  • Red light therapy is applied to stimulate cells and tissue regeneration, decrease acute pain, speed up wound healing, and reduce inflammation.

  • Hydrating and nourishing lotions and serums. 

Leaving your skin and spirit hydrated and rejuvenated.

Into The Woods

Tailored facial for acne prone skin or those in need of a thorough facial and deep pore cleansing.

Steps are as followed:

  • Double cleanse with warm steam towels to remove dead cell build up and prep for extractions.


  • Massage to encourage the removal of toxins and free radicals, reduce fluid retention in your face and facial lymphatic drainage techniques to help relieve any build-up of sinus pressure. 


  • Renewing peel will be applied to penetrate deep into the pores targeting bacteria, improving texture, evening out hyperpigmentation and tone.

  • Serious extraction time (if needed) to thoroughly clean pores removing sebum and bacteria build up.

  • Purifying clay mask is applied, accompanied by a head, hands and arms massage.


  • Replenishing serums, lotions and sun protection.

Your skin and spirit will feel like it took a walk in the woods, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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