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Muse Facial

Muse facial treatments embraces nature's healing powers that target your skin specific concerns, revealing naturally radiant glowing skin. 



50 Min $145

Muse facial  recommended for clients who are new to facials

Individual variations: A Standard Muse Facial starts with a skin analysis to determine your skin type and discuss your skin concerns.

Muse facial includes facial cleansing massage, fruit  bio-chemical Renewing Peel a natural resurfacing and retexturing treatment removing skin dullness. Drench your skin with moisturizing and antioxidants to restore your skin’s glow.


50 Min $145

Youth facial ages 11-18 

Youth facials include consultations, customized facials based on individual needs and concerns, and tips to keep your skin looking healthy between treatments.


Teenagers often experience hormonal breakouts, peer pressure, stress and anxiety. All of these factors can contribute to blemishes and skin breakouts. 


Most teens facing these skin issues want to focus on clearing up the surface of their skin in hopes of seeing fast results. 

Over cleansing can cause dehydration, sensitivity, uneven skin texture, discoloration and scarring. 


Our goal is to address the source of the problem with a consultation, cleanse and nourish depending on individual skin type. This is without over cleansing and stripping skin healthy cells. If needed manual extractions are done after prepping the skin to make it as comfortable as possible. We use the highest quality products to leave a youthful glow.


When one starts having facials at an early age, their benefits last well beyond a spa visit. Leaving each visit with a better understanding of how to take care of one's individual skincare concerns. As the seasons change so do ones skincare needs throughout the years. 


Mystic Wind
60 Min $150

 Hydrating and soothing facial.


Mystic Wind


  • Softening and removing dead skin cells with a cream or calming skin cleanser.​

  • Exfoliation with fruit enzyme peels (if applicable) or gentle gommage will leave the skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated.

  • Massage with cooling crystals soothes and firms the skin.

  • Calming, hydrating facial mask applied to your face and décolleté, accompanied by a signature hand and arm massage to ease any extra tension. 

  • Using customized lotions and serums rich in antioxidants will soothe, rejuvenate, and protect your skin against environmental aggressors.


 Crystal Clear Complexion

60 min $165

 Glows beautifully for events or special occasions.



  • Steps are as follows:​

  • A gentle cleanser prepares your skin to determine your skin type and customize your unique experience. ​

  • In the 7th century, crystal facial rollers were used for beauty rituals. Massage firms the skin and increases blood flow. Additionally, it supports the lymphatic system, the body's detoxification system.​

  • Using a fruit enzyme peel removes dead skin cells and evens out skin tone and texture.

  • Pores are cleansed with light manual extractions.​

  • With a cooling crystal massaged into the mask, inflammation is reduced and negative energy is released.  

  • Face and décolleté are treated to a luxurious hydrating facial mask, followed by a relaxing hand and arm massage. ​

  • Let your skin and soul feel crystal clear and rejuvenated after inhaling customized lotions and serums.



Bell Lune

60 Min $175

Bell Lune (Beautiful Moon) facial treatment is suitable for all skin types, particularly those in search of rejuvenating results. 

With a Beautiful Moon facial, your cells will be stimulated and energized, promoting collagen and elastin production for healthy, youthful skin. A luxurious treatment that improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dull skin to restore your skin's inner glow.


Your skin analysis is the first step to customizing your treatment.


Pick between: 

Biochemical peels are a natural way to resurface and retexturize your skin, leaving it smooth and flawless.

Effortlessly reduces the appearance of fine lines and leaves the skin beautifully luminous with a powerful triple-phase Vitamin C treatment.

With a foam cleanser, makeup, impurities, and pollution can be removed quickly and thoroughly.

Preparation for retexturing with warm steam towels.

  • Choose between a Vitamin C treatment and a peel to renew your skin.

  • Pure lift treatment.

  • Mask designed to repair the skin's functional barrier and prevent moisture loss. 

  • Finishing with a light head and arm massage. As you inhale all the moisturizing potions and lotions, you will feel fully refreshed and rejuvenated, leaving your skin radiant with a youthful glow.


Belizean rain 

Crème de la crème of Muse facials

90 min $185

Belizean Rain facial is specially designed to help you embrace your inner spirit. 


  • A skin analysis and consultation will help us formulate a treatment and experience personalized for you.

  • Preparation for a customized peel based on skin sensitivity. During this procedure, the skin is stimulated to turn over, collagen is increased, and hyperpigmentation is targeted to even out the texture and tone of the skin.  

  • Choose from 

(a) Light extraction with dermaplaning. Fruit enzyme peel.

(b) Exfoliating peel with extended extraction time. 


  • Using a Nurturing Mask, tired or stressed skin is revitalized and visible signs of aging are softened. Formulated with naturally sourced ingredients, it absorbs impurities, rebalances, and restores radiance.

  • In order to help you focus on your goals and intentions, crystals are placed on your face and décolleté.

  • Get pampered with a head, arm, and lower leg massage in a bed of relaxation.

  • Nutri-Define is combined with our newly developed Defining Facial Contouring technique, which uses precious stones to reduce temperature, and relax your skin. Your skin will feel redefined, replenished, and revitalised.

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